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So excited to have written our very first press release!

Keep your distance, what can you see?!

Leaps & Strides Supports Teachers With Back To School Initiative: Helping Children Understand Social Distancing up to 2 metres

Winchester, Hampshire: Leaps & Strides have announced the launch of their back to school initiative. Consisting of a series of colourful wall stickers and outdoor banners on the theme of exploring the outdoors, The Explorers Collection is specifically designed to help teachers and parents show children how to understand distances up to 2m in a non-scary, fun and educational way.

“We’ve been working with schools since 2011 and are passionate about supporting learning and education through design” says Ruth Mulholland, Creative Director at Leaps & Strides. “As a parent myself, I am very aware of the challenges facing teachers and parents as schools prepare to open whether that’s right now, across the summer months for pop up camps and clubs or the new school year in September . Measurement and social distancing aren’t always easy concepts for children to understand. If our designs make parents and teachers’ lives that little bit easier, then we will be happy!”

Starting with primary schools, our goal is to help children to understand measuring up to 2m. Whether they are waiting outside to start their school day, working in bubbles or walking down corridors, staying a safe distance is key both inside and outside the classroom.

Features and benefits of the Explorers Collection include:

  • Colourful and fun, each design features animals up to 2 metres long - a visual reminder on the wall of what distances look and feel like

  • A useful support tool for teachers and parents both right now and for future learning

  • Indoor and outdoor versions available

The Explorers Collection is already available in three different designs; British Wildlife, Ocean and Rainforest. Designs include 2m wall stickers which start at £70 with multi-buy discounts extending up to £105 for outdoor banners. For more information on the Explorers Collection, visit

About Leaps & Strides:

Leaps & Strides create inspirational designs for work and play across the education and public sectors. We translate their themes, values, goals and learning journeys into bold, beautiful graphics designed to transform indoor and outdoor spaces such as walls, corridors, classrooms and playgrounds.

Leaps & Strides and Covid-19:

Leaps & Strides is an independent, parent-run micro business based in Hampshire. We have worked with the teaching staff and students of primary and secondary schools, and academies on bespoke wall art projects for nearly a decade. We work in partnership with them to improve their learning environment in a colourful and inspirational way.

When the pandemic hit, lockdown closed schools and our clients, understandably, put all projects on hold. We had worked hard to develop and launch a brand new product, the L&S ‘Know It Wall’, a range of fantastic wall art panels which schools could buy ‘off the shelf’. This also had to go on hold. Alongside many other businesses, we were not only disappointed and worried about our future, we were also determined to do what we could to help. We decided to use our experience and skills, (together with our good friend the giant ant eater!) to help out our hard working teachers and worried parents.

We care deeply about the challenges organisations are facing in order to reopen schools, playgrounds and other public spaces. We care about pupils and their education. We care about teachers. We want to help. Our design team have worked tirelessly to produce this wonderful Explorers Collection, to help children understand about measurement and social distancing. It is a simple idea, communicated with great skill and available to anyone that needs it, right now. It’s not going to solve the crisis. But if children can understand distance and ‘get it’, then we will be happy!

We’d love to work with a school in Hampshire who really needs our help. If you would like to see this in YOUR school, head to or contact us using

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