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Fire up their imaginations and support learning for all with our easy to apply wall stickers, for classrooms, libraries, cloakrooms and corridors. Bright, bold colours and fun facts. We wish education had been this colourful when we were young! Learning resources at your fingertips. We're always updating our range, so if you have a theme you'd like to request, let us know.


Our Explorer Wall Stickers feature animals up to 2 metres long - a visual reminder on the wall of how to measure and learn to judge distance. A really useful support tool for teachers right now. No need to change signage as official guidance changes. A lasting feature of your classroom or corridor for future learning, long beyond Covid-19 and social distancing rules. How long is a Dolphin, do you know?

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Printed on bubble-free permanent adhesive vinyl, with instructions.

£70 each or £120 for a pair of 2m Explorer Wall Stickers.

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Quick to order, easy to apply yourself.

Delivery 5-7 days.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a brand new product, designed in response to the current situation.

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The 2m Explorer Wall Stickers are part of our new product range

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