The rainforest and the ocean are firm favourites with KS1 pupils.

Explorers venture into the unknown.

But they are also cautious and careful when they need to be!


Our Explorer Wall Stickers feature animals up to 2 metres long - a visual reminder on the wall of what 2 metres actually looks like.

A really useful support tool for teachers right now. And part of your classroom or corridor for future learning.

Click on images below to expand, like and share.

Printed on bubble-free permanent adhesive vinyl, with instructions.

£70 each or £120 for a pair of 2m Explorer Wall Stickers.

Discounts available.

Quick to order, easy to apply yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a brand new product, designed in response to the current situation.

The Shop is now LIVE and your orders are being processed.

You can order singles, doubles or multi orders.

Discount codes are on the product pages. 

If you are buying in bulk for eg an academy trust, LEA or library, get in touch to discuss rates.

In the meantime, please Contact Us with any queries. 


The 2m Explorer Wall Stickers are part of our new product range

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