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Park cafés, pubs, restaurants and public buildings are getting ready for opening, with the '1 metre plus' rule, from 4th July. All your visitors, adults and children, need reminding to 'Keep your distance'. Our Explorer Outdoor Banners are perfect for all locations. 500gsm PVC with brass eyelets, cable ties provided, weather resistant.


Public guidance and visible signage is more important now than ever. Personalise your Outdoor Banners with your school or company logo and 'Stay Safe in...'. The recommendation is to keep 2 metres apart where possible. The '1m plus' message is vital. Social distancing has not ended. Let's keep each other safe. 

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Premium coated 500gsm PVC with brass eyelets, cable ties provided.

Quick to order, easy to install, weather resistant.

£105 for Explorer Outdoor Banners each

£35 for Playground Banner

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a brand new product, designed in response to the current situation.

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The 2m Explorer Wall Stickers are part of our new product range

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