School Wall Art:

active learning resources for schools

case studies

We specialise in designing active learning wall art for indoor and outdoor spaces.
Our beautiful, bespoke wall art designs are fun, playful and educational. 
  • we believe our inspirational wall art is the ultimate, immersive learning resource for schools
  • we work across all spaces: welcome entrances, assembly hall wall art, corridors, libraries, stairwells, dining areas, playgrounds & many others
  • we bring to life your visions and values
  • we understand school goals and budgets
If you would like to discuss your project, we'd be delighted to talk to you - please contact us here
Lady Eleanor Holles School
Science Wall
Riverview Primary School
Time to Learn
Turnham Academy
Curiosity, Collaboration, Communication
Southfield Park
The Think Tank
The Russell School
Energy Project
Meadlands Primary
Think Big - Global Champions
St Mary Magdalen's Primary
Meadlands Primary
The Music Factory
Applegarth Academy
Learning Powers
Gonville Academy
Road to Knowledge
St Mary Magdalen's Primary
New Projects
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