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Leaps & Strides specialise in bespoke wall art for schools. We create bold, stunning designs for active learning environments. Think of us as your ultimate learning resource for schools. It's more than wallpaper, it's education.

*NEW* social distancing signs with a difference! As parks, shops, public buildings and playgrounds reopen, we all need to give each other space. Our Wall Stickers and Outdoor Banners feature animals 0 - 2 metres, helping kids visualise measuring distance. 


'1m plus' is the new minimum. Our designs will stay relevant in schools whatever the changes to the rules. When other social distancing signs come down, these Explorer Wall Stickers can remain.The focus is on understanding and measuring distance. Thoughtful communication that informs and makes you smile? We've got it. 


Children are in school right now. The whole-school return is planned for September. Schools are facing enormous challenges. Our goal is to help children to understand measuring distance up to 2m. Working in ‘bubbles’, walking down corridors or out in public, staying a safe distance is key. 


How do adults remember to keep '1m plus' distance? It's easy to forget. It's not something we usually have to think about.  Outdoor banners can remind us anywhere. Parks, playgrounds, shops, libraries, museums, community centres, theme parks, station car parks, public gardens, beaches, high streets. Leaps & Strides help communities stay safe, as we all gain more freedom of movement and interaction. See our blog page and tell us what you think.

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Leaps & Strides create inspirational wall art for schools.

We translate school values, goals, learning journeys and 'big questions' into bold, beautiful graphic designs. 

Our recent expansion into 'work and play', with social distancing stickers and outdoor banners, is part of our mission to bring thoughtful and educational wall art into the public sector.

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