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Leaps & Strides is passionate about bringing learning to life: your ultimate learning resource for schools. We specialise in bespoke educational wall art. We create bold, stunning designs for active learning environments. It's more than wallpaper, it's education. The best way to show you is to take you there. Click below to find out more.


We’re over 2020. The new year is looking positive and we are driving a new initiative in educational wall art for 2021. Collaboration is key. We are all in this together. Leaps & Strides inspirational wall art has delivered school branding projects, learning journeys and SDPs for over a decade. We have worked across the public and private sectors, transforming educational environments. For 2021, we are collaborating with secondary schools, on content for big, bold Know It Wall™ panels addressing the issues which matter most to young people. If you’d like your school to be involved, drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you. 


The Leaps & Strides Know it Wall™ collection is a unique range of inspirational wall art panels and wall stickers, which answer big questions and inspire young minds. Off the shelf, available for you to buy and install yourself. The Know it Wall™ delivers exceptional L&S quality: extensive research into brilliant content, paired with engaging graphics. This is communication on another level. For all your pupils.


Social distancing signs with a difference. In the face of coronavirus, we all need to give each other space. Leaps & Strides are helping communities and schools stay safe with our Explorer Wall Stickers and Outdoor Banners featuring animals 0 - 2 metres. They are fun, non-scary and educational, a perfect way to help kids visualise and measure distance. If you are from a PTA or local council, looking for a way to help families stay safe, look no further.

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Leaps & Strides create inspirational wall art for schools.

We translate school values, goals, learning journeys and 'big questions' into bold, beautiful graphic designs. 

Our recent expansion into 'work and play', with social distancing stickers and outdoor banners, is part of our mission to bring thoughtful and educational wall art into the public sector.

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Large scale

wall art graphics

created, produced

and installed for you


Digitally printed wallpapers

Acrylic (Perspex) panels

Glossy vinyls

Mirrored surfaces

Window graphics


Use across digital platforms and print mediums:

website, parent comms, Twitter, newsletters,

school prospectus, 

lesson plans, training and marketing