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Leaps & Strides work with schools to create inspirational wall art. 

We translate school values, goals, learning journeys and school development plans into big, beautiful graphic designs. 

Welcome entrances, assembly hall wall art, corridors, libraries, stairwells,
dining areas, playgrounds & many other spaces.
If you would like any further information on our work,
we'd be delighted to talk to you - please contact us here
Lady Eleanor Holles School
Science Wall
Riverview Primary School
Time to Learn
Turnham Academy
Curiosity, Collaboration, Communication
Southfield Park
The Think Tank
The Russell School
Energy Project
Meadlands Primary
Think Big - Global Champions
St Mary Magdalen's Primary
Meadlands Primary
The Music Factory
Applegarth Academy
Learning Powers
Gonville Academy
Road to Knowledge
St Mary Magdalen's Primary
New Projects
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What to expect when we work together:

An initial conversation

Creative brief & site visit

Concept designs

Project Green Light

Stage 1 design and approval

Content research and writing

Stage 2 design

Final design & sign off


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5 reasons to work with Leaps & Strides

1. We are a professional team with more than 25 years of graphic design experience

2. We are happy to collaborate with your staff, your student councils, board of governors and PTA committees

3. We are OFSTED, ISI, PSHE and SDP friendly

4. You don't need to know exactly what you want, we will help you to work that out

5. We believe in delivering unique, quality wall art designs which will transform your school

things about Leaps & Strides that you'll like

1. We look after your wall art project from start to finish, so you don't need to deal with anyone else

2. Our designs for schools make an impact - L&S is more than school branding - inspiring every student, every day

3. We don't mind how you contact us: we know you have a long to-do list, so we try to make it as easy as possible

4. We work with you to meet your budget requirements: we have a range of products, something for everyone 

ways to get started with Leaps & Strides

1. Call us for an informal chat which is about you and not about our sales pitch

2. Invite us to your school, show us a space, tell us all about you

3. 80% of our clients start by telling us they aren't sure what they want! That's as good a place to start as any...

2 things we like about you (& we don't even know you yet)

1. You're reading our website and you've made it this far. Thank you!

2. We think you have nice eyes...

minute read Leaps & Strides case study

The only way to show you what we are all about is to take you there. Click here to check out our favourite projects.


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