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Leaps & Strides are here to support schools in bringing pupils back into a welcoming environment. With our design skills and experience, we can help teachers show children how to understand 2m distance, in a non-scary, fun, educational way. If it makes teachers' lives a little bit easier, job done.


How many adults know what 2m distance really is? It's easy to forget. It's not something we usually have to think about. Leaps & Strides can help our

communities stay safe, as we all gain more freedom of movement and interaction.


How and when all children can return to school is still being hotly debated and rightly so. It's a constantly evolving situation and schools are facing enormous challenges. Our goal is to help children to understand measuring up to 2m. Whether they are working in bubbles or walking down corridors, staying a safe distance is key. It's a start...


We all know the Stay Alert message. We all want to keep each other safe. Thoughtful communication that informs and makes you smile, we've got it. We're here to help.

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Leaps & Strides create inspirational wall art for schools. 

We translate school values, goals, learning journeys and 'big questions' into bold, beautiful graphic designs. 


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